Color Book Snowflake and Winter Scenes

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father son snow medley1200Holiday Color Book

Snowflake's favorite coloring pages for Christmas, holiday and winter wonderland coloring book pages. I probably mentioned somewhere on one of Scissorcraft's sites, that as a young adult, I dreamed of becoming a writer/illustrator. One of my crazier ideas was to write and illustrate a children's book about roofs.

Winter Wonderland Weather

Sounds a bit silly, but as I got into deeper and deeper into the subject, I discovered a plethora of information about home construction and the styles of roofs that rest upon them.

I remember reading that at one period, the amount of tax a home owner paid was determined by the size of roof they had on their house. This led to the development of the high pitched Mansard style roof, based upon the decorative 16th and 17th century French Renaissance style roofs with iron railings and narrow walkways on top of the house. These were tax dodges of the 16th and 17th centuries. The Mansard roof provided the owners with additional floor space but bypassed the need to officially consider them as floors. This made the owners exempt from additional taxes. This was the main reason for the development and popularity of the mansard roof in early French houses. Now if only I could just find that research...it's around here somewhere.

All that aside, some of these images are ones I drew as I contemplated writing that roof book. I thought they'd work in nicely with these winter theme images.

Snowflake Winter Holiday

Gather your Crayons, pens and markers and print these color book images on snowy white or colored, 8 1/2" x 11" paper.