Totem Pole and Kachina Masks

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zmore kachinas1200Native American Style

These masks are derived from images in Paper Kachinas and Paper Totem Poles web sites. Hopi Pueblo Kachinas represent the spiritual essence wild game, plants, crops, birds, insects, elements particularly water and rain. During sacred dances men impersonate kachinas in the hopes to bring good fortune and blessings to crops, people and animals. Kachina dolls are carved by fathers and uncles to be given to young daughters and nieces to educate about the kachina spirits.

Native Americans in the Pacific North west carved totem poles to share stories about their lives and. Generally only the owners of the poles, the carvers and family members knew the translations of totem characters and color meanings...or whomever else the owner chose to tell. We can only make educated guesses because there are no written record so many totem poles cannot be translated or deciphered.

Children can trace the totem pole masks onto multicolored foam sheets or colorful felt cloth to create soft totem faces.