Snowflake Doily Folding Designs

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simple square doilies4 Sided Doilies and Circular Patterns

Four sided doily snowflakes seem to be the easiest format of paper snowflake for beginning scissorsmiths. These symmetrical snowflake patterns are fun and easy for sure, but 4 sided and 8 sided snow flakes do not form naturally. Four sided snowflakes are more accurately described as circular doilies. They remind me of the lace and crochet doilies mother and grandmother used to make to protect the arms of chairs from wear and shelf top wood surfaces from scrapes and scratches.


I think they would make cute patterns for creating latch-hook rug squares for wall or floor coverings. Of course, they are always perfect to simply use as ornament patterns for soft cloth or foam sheets.

Patterns provided include folding snowflake format, color book outlines and stencils for etching, silk screening and painting.

4 Sided and Circular Snowflake Doily Stencils