Easy 6 Sided Snowflake Patterns

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6001firststepfold1200Six Equal Side First Step Patterns

Frosty Miniflakes 6-Branches

First Step snowflakes are the easiest, most basic pattern designs intended for absolute beginners, preschool age children and and those with special needs. Four-branch snow crystals do not exist in nature. Extremely simple, elementary level patterns which use basic cutout shapes to introduce the concept of symmetry to very young children, developmentally challenged, or people with special needs.

6 Sided Frosty MiniFlakes make very easy craft projects. Four unique snowflake patterns printed on one 8 1/2" x 11" page. These small folding patterns consist of simple scissor cuts which should be easy for most beginning snowflake artists to master. 3-sided are perfect matches for little fingers and small scissors.

Great cut and fold Frosty MiniFlakes are fun, educational paper craft projects for youngsters. Each easy pattern produces either a three inch or 4 inch snowflake ornament. Mix these small patterns with regular sized designs to create a virtual indoor winter wonderland or blizzard of white or colored snow flakes in the home, school or office cubicle.

Use these small patterns to create a virtual indoor winter wonderland. 3" and 4" snowflakes are super easy to cut. Once you get the hang of creating natural looking flakes the snowflake blizzard begins. Make tons of nature's wonders and string them together to drape over curtains or Christmas trees. Hang a blanket of paper snowflakes over the office cubicle desk to impress those in the holiday mood and annoy green-face grinchs around you.

Use Frosty Miniflake instructions for all Miniflake patterns. Print a copy of the instructions to refer to while teaching children the different fold styles. The kids can compare their folds for accuracy with the corresponding pattern for the particular style on the instructions sheet.

Six Sided Snow Flowers Patterns For Beginners

Most First Step color me patterns have just two or three basic cut shape (circle, square, triangle) which most beginners should be able to master fairly quickly. These simple shapes are repeated over 2, 3, 4, and 6 sided designs to demonstrate how varied results can be obtained for different folds using similar cuts.

For example:

First Step 2 Sided fold First Step 3 Sided fold First Step 4 Sided fold First Step 6 Sided fold
The design #2001 forms a cross or an "X" shape when folded with the 2 sided pattern. But when applied to a 3 sided pattern #3001 the same "X" transforms into three arrows converging. When #2001 is applied to the 4 sided pattern
#4001, the cross or "X" resembles the quadrant cross.
when #2001 is applied to a
#6001 6 sided pattern, the shape resembles the Union Jack which is a combination of several different crosses.