Hearts to Remember

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Forget-Me-Not Hearts

snowflake bursting heart These forget me not heart designs are primarily intended to assist in remembering lost loved ones for individuals, families or group ceremonies and events. People employ the use of use paper valentine hearts with children to help teach how to express loving sentiments, especially after violent tragedies which can make us feel helpless or afraid.

Paper Valentines can be used as teaching tools to help both children and adults mourn and deal with feelings of loss particularly when tragedy strikes with no logical or apparent reason, as with the frustratingly unexplainable school shootings, or sudden, natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.

Little paper valentine card sentiments can go a long way expecially in group settings to allow people to join together in remembrance or lost ones. Paper ceremonies have been held to remember and honor ancestors ever since paper was invented by the CHinese centuries ago.

Some cultures create paper bags and boats to set on fire and float out on a lake or the ocean. The vessels usually contain heartfelt written poems, photographs, stories and tales of family life to send to their lost, but not forgotten, family members.

Memorial Hearts