Silly Body Part Masks

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Mafeet face mask1200sks Body Parts - Hands, Feet...

These silly masks guarantee a good time. Are you too lazy to raise your hand in class, or does it seem like the teacher never sees your hand when you do raise it sky ward? Problem solved with the hand hat. Put this mask on and your hand is always raised. No one will ignore you, that's for sure.

A few of these masks are spiritual in nature, mystic new-age, the Hand of Fatima mask and the labyrinth face-mask such as the kind you might see at a folk festival such as the Burning Man or a Medieval reenactment of the dark Ages.

Most are just plain silly. Big giant ears, feet for ears, wiggly toes and big, buggy eyes all sure to entertain.

Masks have many purposes. The most obvious purpose is to conceal identity for good or bad intentions. Masks can allow people to take on alternative personalities, because their true identities are unknown, they may behave in manners that they would never take on if people knew their identities. The hysterically funny movie "Mask" with Jim Carrey is a prime example of the imaginary power of a face-mask.

Ears Feet and
Buggy Eyes Body Part Masks