Twelve-Sided Snowflake Patterns

12-Sided Folding Dodecagons

12 branched snowflake crystals are rare but some snowstorms create many 12 sided snowflakes. A regular dodecagon has 12 sides all the exact same length and internal angles of 150 degrees each side.

How do 12-sided snowflakes form? Dodecagon shaped, or twelve sided snow crystals occasionally develop in nature or in the laboratory. 12-Sided snowflakes begin when capped 6-sided ice crystal columns twist 30-degrees. Each end-plate begins as a hexagonal six-branched crystal, but when one cap rotates 30 degrees opposite to the other they form a crystal twinning. These two attached 6-branch crystals continue to grow or expand while joined together to form the 12 branch shape.

12 Sides Duodecimal Snow Crystals

Twelve-Sided Snowflakes dodecagon Snowflake
capped column crystal twinning crystals
Hexagonal Capped Column. Each side of the hexagon polygon cap will grow into a 6 branched snowflake Twinning 6 Branch Crystals. Twelve sided crystals form when the capped ends twist 30% opposite each other