Three-Sided Frosty Mini flakes

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3 sided miniflakes

Frosty Miniflakes 3-Sided Ornament Patterns

Triangular shaped snow crystals appear naturally along with the same weather conditions that produce 6 sided, hexagonal shaped snowflakes. These small triple sided miniflakes are shrunken versions of their larger counterparts in the regular sized pattern section, many of which are designed from photographs of actual snowflakes.

Multiple Snowflake Patterns Per Page

Miniflakes are mini-sized frosty 3" and 4" folding patterns. Small patterns can be a little more difficult to cut than the larger versions but most Frosty Miniflakes consist of simple scissor cuts which should be easy for most young beginning artists to master.

Each easy pattern produces either a three inch or 4 inch snowflake ornament. Mix these small patterns with regular sized designs to create a virtual indoor winter wonderland blizzard of white and brightly colored snow flakes. Decorate the tree, window or office cubicle.

Use Frosty Miniflake instructions for all Miniflake patterns. Print a copy of the instructions for reference. Compare folds for accuracy with the corresponding pattern on the instruction sheet.

Variety of Sizes and Shapes

Miniflake patterns come 4 designs per 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. Variety includes selections of cutting styles:

2 Sided Miniflake 3 Sided Miniflake 4 Sided Miniflake 6 Sided Miniflake
2 Sided patterns are the easiest to fold and cut 3 Sided patterns produce triangular snowflakes 4 Sided designs result in square shaped doilies 6 Sided designs can be the most difficult to fold and cut

Miniflake Instructions

Right-click to save or print.  Image is larger than shown here.

Pattern fold examples to compare your fold accuracy with the template.

Miniflake Instruction template