Folding Blank Snowflake Formats

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3sidedminiflakeplainformatclr1200Folding Snow Flake Formats Blanks

These snowflake pattern blank templates are the same ones that I use to make paper snowflakes both on paper and in my computer art program.

I generally carry around a blank sketch pad at all times and if I ever find myself in a doctor's waiting room or in the parked car waiting for someone, I pull out the sketch pad and draw similar triangle shapes as e ones in this section to try out new designs.

These templates will come in handy for those students who want to try their hand at cutting out creative shapes such as animal creatures or people and other recognizable designs such as ballet dancers, birds and even dinosaurs.

Print these blank templates then lightly pencil sketch your masterpiece. Once you've sketched the finished product, erase all extra lines then cut out the snow flake pattern or retrace it onto a clean piece of paper. Make shimmering snowflakes out of plain old aluminum foil or colorful tissue paper.

Take a trip to the virtual zoo or the real zoo for that matter to get out of the house or office and away from these infernal computers for a while. Sketch animal shapes then create a Noah's Ark or old MacDonald's farm full of animal flakes.

Trace or Outline Your Own Snowflake Designs

Take out your pencils and design your perfect snow flower designs on these cool snowflake pattern templates in mini and maxi sized formats.