Ideas for Displaying Home Made Snowflakes

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Paper Snow Flakes Can be Made out of Everyday Household Materials

  • white (or colored) paper - thin is best (required)
  • scissors (required)
  • String, ornament hangers, paper clips or yarn (required if ornaments are to be hung)
  • paper: colored construction, plain or tissue (optional)
  • Christmas gift wrap
  • silver or tinted color aluminum foil
  • stapler, glue stick & or tape (optional)
  • heavy books (for flattening the snowflake designs)
  • Laminating sheets (optional)
  • hot chocolate with mini marshmallows (required of course)

Make Your Own Snowflakes

Many more creative options could include using spatter paint, silver or colored glitter, silvery thread, lemon oil for stained glass effect. If your hobby or interests are in embroidery, crochet, glass etching or wood working, you might be interested in the completed designs located in our snowflake stencil section, snowflake silhouette section and color book designs.

Hundreds of snowflake cutting patterns plus color book printable's, stencil templates, fun coloring book images and educational snow crystal information and link resources.

Here are just a few suggestions how to display your growing collection of paper snowflakes:

The sky's the limit for these patterns

  • Trace our completed snowflake designs onto your rug canvases to make snowflake latch hook rugs.
  • Print these designs on heavy duty-paper and carefully cut out the black sections with X-acto knives to create stencils to decorate virtually any flat surface
  • Again, with heavy duty paper they can be used for wood-working patterns to make long-lasting, unique Christmas and winter decorations, coasters, trivets, candle holders (with metal protectors), etc
  • Embroidery, tatting and crochet patterns may easily be created from these finished patterns. Software programs are available virtually everywhere which can convert these patterns to needlepoint patterns
  • Print these finished flakes on clear decal paper, after using your graphics program to mask out the black sections, and stick on any window glass (house or car)
  • Change the background colors and print on magnet "paper." Make removable snowflake magnets with background colors that match your car's paint.
  • Make iron-on tee shirt designs
  • Print and color PatrioFlakes - Snowflakes For Soldiers on PatrioFlakes for Children web site
  • Wrap your Snowflake gifts with free printable snowflake gift wrap (and more)
  • Deck the Halls with home cut paper snowflakes
  • Start a Family Holiday Tradition and make paper snowflakes with your children and grand children
  • Each snowflake pattern comes with a paper chain section to decorate the tree or count down to Christmas
  • Color and send a snow flake letter to Santa
  • Hang a Memorial Snowflake in remembrance of a loved one
  • Write a Christmas letter with Snowflake Stationery
  • Throw a Snowflake Ball or Snowflake Bazaar on a theme of Snowmen and/or Snowflakes
  • Make crochet snowflake ornaments and doilies
  • Carve and illustrate wooden snowflakes for gift ornaments
  • Share your favorite holiday recipe
  • Create colorful snowflakes to cut out and hang as decorations. Who says snowflakes have to be white?
  • Make stained glass snowflakes with clear decal "paper"
  • Create a snowflake collage
  • Frame your favorite face in a snowflake
  • Here's a fun idea. Make frozen paper snowflakes to hang outside by freezing your snowflake in a shallow pie pan of water then freeze. Don't forget to put a piece of string or yarn in the water for a hook.