Decorated gift Wrap Printable Snowflakes Folding Patterns

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Pre-Colored Decorated Snowflake PatternsPre-Colored Decorated Snowflake Patterns

Pre-colored snowflake patterns are decorated with background images that I like to use as printable gift wrap. These patterns are provided to give children and crafty people an idea as to how to make beautiful snowflake ornaments with multi-colored paper.

The fold and cut patterns on this page are from the easy cut and fold or first step category. I chose these simple folding patterns because the decorations make the snowflake patterns very "busy" and a bit harder for children to visualize, and I wanted to introduce patterns to beginners as simply and easy to cut out as possible.

Once you get the hang of cutting out these beauties, go to Paper gift Wrap site to print colorful selections to make more unique and creative snowflake patterns.

Decorated gift Wrap

Printable Snowflakes Folding Patterns