Fan-Tastic Snowflake Fold Ornaments

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fan001Holiday Garlands and Ornaments

Fan-fold snowflakes are simple to make and fun to show. Make snowflake flowerets with showy, snowy decorations to brighten the mood of any winter holiday gathering or occasion. Use different colored paper and glue of staple your snowflake fans together to make circular garlands for hanging from the ceiling, window, tree or string from one end of the room to another.

Your pleated snowflake probably won't look exactly like their thumbnail pictures because the thumbnail pictures are computer generated guesses created with my graphics program based upon the unfolded designs.

Fan Instructions

  • Print several identical (or different) pattern so that you'll have pieces equal distances.
  • Fold the pleats together along the dotted lines and cut out the design (gray areas) on either side of the fold. Take care while cutting that you leave some folded edges intact so your design will stay together
  • Once you get the hang of this, you will soon be able to create your own designs or make variations to ours to form different snowflake fans.
  • Staple the center of the pleated snowflake paper crosswise in the center then fan out the snowflake pattern. Tape or past the ends together.
  • Make tons of snowflake fans and string together to form a garland snowflake chain. Experiment.
  • Use Decorative Edge Scissors such as Craft Scissors to give your snowflake fan extra flair.