Natural Inspired Snowflake Templates and Stencils

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Snowflake Folding Patterns Inspired by NatureInspired by Nature

Many of these beautiful designs were inspired by Snowflake Bentley photographs. It was a real challenge to design realistic looking crystals that could be cut out using paper and scissors but these beauties prove it was worth the effort.

Discover for yourself the fascinating photographs of natural and manufactured snowflakes, plus with photographs taken by Wilson Snowflake Bentley in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Snowflake Links and other fascinating facts about this tiny miracle snowflake. Make up your own designs to create a paper snowflake design that would resemble a real, life snow crystal. There are about 70 of these natural flakes in this collection of nearly 400 snowflake patterns.

The natural designs make wonderful latch-hook rug tile designs for making patchwork rugs. Use them for glass etching projects or iron-on transfers for decorations on clothing. Print on window decal material for dazzling window displays.

Once you get the hang of creating natural looking flakes the snowflake blizzard begins. Make tons of nature's wonders and string them together to drape over curtains or Christmas trees. Hang a blanket of paper snowflakes over the office cubicle desk to impress those in the holiday mood and annoy all the Grinches.

Nature Inspired Crystals of Snowflakes