Hexagon Shaped Frosty Miniflakes

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6 sided frosty miniflake folding fun Frosty Miniflakes

6 Sided Snowflake Patterns

Hexagonal shaped Frosty Miniflakes are 3" and 4" Snowflake Patterns. Six sided Frosty MiniFlakes can be a little more difficult to cut buut it is worth the extra effort to see tropical flowers and leaves in snowflakes. Frosty Miniflakes consist of simple scissor cuts which should be easy for most young beginning artists to master. 6-sided are perfect matches for little fingers and small scissors.

Use these small patterns to create a virtual indoor winter wonderland. 3" and 4" snowflakes are super easy to cut.

Use Frosty Miniflake instructions for all Miniflake patterns

Frosty Miniflakes Fun For Kids