Mini Flake Snowflake Instructions and Patterns

Frosty Miniflakes Instructions

Frosty Miniflakes Instructions

Frosty Miniflake TM patterns come four unique folding patterns to a single standard sized piece of paper. Each pattern results in cute little three and four inch paper snowflake ornaments to hang anywhere and everywhere. The Frosty Miniflake pattern instruction sheet below contains all four variations of pattern fold; two-sided, three-sided, four-sided and six-sided styles. Print the instruction page and keep it for reference while the child or children create their folds. Compare the resulting fold to the corresponding style of pattern to help the reader visualize for accuracy. Select the pattern that corresponds with the MiniFlake of your choice; 2, 3, 4 or 6 sided folding and cutting instruction.

Click on the image below to view and print without page formatting. Print on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

Instructions for Small 3 and 3 inch Size Snowflakes

Note: the three sided pattern instruction page is revised. Please update your saved pages as the older three sided example was in error.

Fold your pattern and place it over the small instruction box to measure the accuracy of your fold as shown in this example