Instructions 4-Sided Snowflakes

reg4sided instructionsHow to Make a Square Snowflake Doily

Four sided patterns are the easiest shapes for beginners to understand and cut out which may explain the confusion over the number sides of a true snowflake. Frequently 4 and 8 sided patterns appear in displays and in advertisements and commercials, but these are "mutant flakes" made by human because 4 sided flakes are not found in nature. True snow crystals have 2, 3, 6 and 12 sides generally depending upon weather conditions, wind, rain and melting factors. These instructions explain how to make a beautiful 4-sided doily snow crystal out of an ordinary sheet of paper. Print this set of instructions and keep it handy as a reference guide for cutting the 4 sided doily patterns in this web site.

Click on this snowflake pattern instruction to view or print the actual size without page formatting. You may have resize this image or set print margins depending upon your particular brand of printer.  The large pattern instruction below is actually twice the size as shown on this page.   Right Click on the image and save to your PC to print.  Please link to this page and do not post the image on any web or blog page.

4-Sided Folding Instructions