6-Sided Snowflake Symmetry

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Kirigami Folding Snowflakes
6-Sided Celebration Snowflakes

6 sided celebration folding patterns

These six sided patterns can help children produce realistic looking snowflakes as well as whimsical and decorative ornaments. Most of the patterns are fairly easy but there are some that probably require x-acto knives or other fine cutting tools as they are impossible to cut out with scissors.

The most common snow crystal shape is the hexagonal shape, or a symmetrical have with six equal sides. The hexagon is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. The hexagon is a primary natural shape that can be seen in honey combs of bees. Just as with squares and equilateral triangles, regular hexagons can fit tightly together without showing any gaps

The easiest, beginning level snowflake patterns are located in the First Step section, Frosty MiniFlakes and template sections. Or you can always completely design your own masterpiece with the blank templates I use when I need to sketch out a favorite creature or character.

Folding Six Sided Symmetrical Flakes

Snowflake patterns are paper cut-out shapes which are not only fun to make but useful to help introduce math concepts to children. Snowflake paper ornaments can liven up any dull winter day. Bring the blizzard inside with snowflake ornaments and garlands. Decorate the windows, Christmas tree, classroom or office cubicle with paper snowflakes.

Print all patterns on regular or colored paper such as printable gift wrap and pretty stationery. Trace the patterns onto foam sheets and aluminum foil to create unique designs. Use sharp scissors. For intricate patterns use small cuticle scissors.