Square Holiday Snowflake Folding Patterns

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4 Sided Folding Celebration Snowflakes

four sided Holiday patterns

Holiday home decorating doesn't have to be expensive or time-intensive to make an impact. Maximize your holiday decorating this season with a wonderland of paper snowflakes. Embellish the evergreen Christmas tree and holiday wreaths with paper cuttings galore. Gather children together with these four-sided doilies of paper, hand out the scissors and watch the clippings fly! Hold a snowflake-cutting party with family, friends and guests. Create festive scenes to enhance treasured holiday decorations. Decorate the halls, walls and windows with Christmas, winter theme holiday snowflakes.

Square Shaped Holiday Crystals

Designs include:

  • Snowmen & Christmas trees
  • Angels with Hymnal Songbooks
  • Tulips
  • Bishop's Cap
  • Hearts
  • Crosses
  • Nimbus Bursts