12 Sided Celebration Snowflake Decorations

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Twelve Sided Celebration Snowflake Outlines

doily snowflake

People who can't use scissors will appreciate these color book outlines. Deck the halls for holidays and special events with custom snowflakes to display the holiday in snowflake form. Decorate the Christmas tree, an office cubicle, front room window, the ballroom walls with angelic singers, valentines and a snowflake candalabra.

Mix and match with other pattern sizes and types to create a virtual blizzard of paper snowflakes to brighten up the festivities over the cold winter months.

Outlined Holiday Color Book Snowflakes


  • Create soft ornaments. Trace the lines onto colorful craft foam pieces
  • Latch hook rug pieces. A group project for kids of any age!
  • Needlework projects. Make snowflake pillow cushions, table decorations, wall hangings for the holidays

These twelve sided snow flake color book patterns are derived from the snowflakes listed in the fold and cut section of the navigation menu.

Scissorcraft members may view these examples of twelve sided patterns.