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US NAVY insignia Patrioflake

I used to belong to a few online trading sites for a while, mostly to unload some pretty awful videos I'd purchased to watch. Once in a while I'd get a trade with an APO military address and I'd toss in their state's patrioflake with the DVD video just for fun. Occasionally I'd get feedback telling me it was cute or a nice touch.

I thought it might be a fun way for military families to enjoy a cute patrioflake representing their family member's military branch. I can see a good seamstress could make an awesome jacket patch for their favorite vet's casual coat. These patrioflakes would make a really fun pillow cover or a humorous latch-hook rug square that you could create, assemble and give as a gift.

Bring a stack of patriotic military insignia images, and crayons or markers, to the next picnic for good, wholesome child activities in between baseball, volly ball and Barbeque.

Your team may get trounced by the other guys, but I'll be wiling to bet the others never heard of patrioflakes!

It is easy to create a patrioflake of your particular or favorite flag. I use the 4013 merry go round image as my snowflake template but any plain, not too fancy of a snowflake will suffice. If a government agency illustrated the flag because usually the banner contains an image of the state or county seal. The seals can usually be located in a greatly enlarged format and if you can get your hands on one just use your art program to layer the snowflake over the flag design or seal and cut out all the parts. Sound complicated but it really isn't.

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