Valentine's Day Child Mask Crafts

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009valentine1200Sweet Heart Masks

Look up the word "valentine" and the word love always pops up with the definition: a person who is loved by another. How appropriate since over my entire lifespan I've never heard of a heart shaped valentine described otherwise. February 14th, Saint Valentine's Day, is a very popular working holiday observed by many countries every year. People in love celebrate V-Day by expressing and reaffirming their love for each other and sharing cards, candies (chocolates) and flower bouquets.

It is interesting to note that Saint Valentine's Day was not associated with love until the 14th century poet Chaucer wrote about Saynt Valentyn, that art ful hy on-lofte, in the publication "The Parlement of Foules". The poem was about the mating of birds. How that statement gradually evolved into today's tradition is fascinating history.

These sweet heart designs are not just for valentine's day. Children can enjoy these sweetheart sentiments any time of the year. Decorate for a birthday party with heart shaped masks for the kids to color and share. When children wear masks their imaginations take hold and stories and song are sure to follow.

Color Book Mask Valentines

Print and trace the designs onto multi-color fun craft foam sheets to create colorful soft face masks. Use the left over trimmings of foam pieces to cut and paste designs and shapes onto the mask. Make mask wall hanging decorations for Valentine parties and or events where heart-shaped motifs are all the rage.

Printable Valentine masks young children can color and decorate for Valentine´s Day, Mardi Gras, costume parties or just for fun any day. Colorful masks are perfect costume accessories. Visit Paper valentines menu category for hundreds of color book craft hearts and envelope cards for children.