Leaf Formation Color Book Snowflake Patterns

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blackoakclrlgColor Book Leaf Snowflake Shapes

Color book snowflakes are perfect for very young children and those who are unable to use scissors or handle sharp instruments necessary to cut snowflakes.

Bring the snow blizzard indoors by coloring and hanging these beautiful snowflake ornaments for the holidays.

Natural formations such as tree leaves are perfect for making designs, ornaments and decorations for Christmas and winter holiday seasons. A neat way to introduce different tree leaf types to children.

Snowflake Leaf Templates and Coloring images can be used for art projects such as latch hook, wood carving, embroidery, crochet and stenciling. Teach basic tree leaf pattern formation and math concepts with our snowflake leaves based upon natural leaf patterns.

Leaves Snowflake Patterns

Print your snowflake design choices on thin to regular weight paper. Use different colored paper for the different seasons of the life of the leaf. Color or decorate with crayons or markers.

To give your finished snowflake a translucent appearance, lightly dab one side with lemon oil and allow to dry on news paper.