Finished Snowflake Tree Leaf Pattern Stencils

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brownmapledoneStencil Leaf Snowflake Patterns

If you've ever looked at a leaf through a microscope you see little veins and trails that look remarkably like rivers and streams that you see from high above in the skies. Ice crystal formations seem very similar as well. So using leaves as patterns for snow flowers just seemed a natural step.

Once you've cut a few of these leaves, go out and find other varieties of tree leaves. They are everywhere, in trees (obviously) on the lawn, in the street, but also in books, magazines and on the Internet. Look for unusual leaves that can be fairly easily converted into symmetrical patterns.

Teach basic tree leaf pattern formation and math concepts with snowflake leaves. Tree leaves are perfect for making designs, ornaments and decorations for Christmas and winter holiday seasons. A neat way to introduce different tree leaf types to children.

Snowflake Tree Leaf Pattern Stencils