Duodecimal 12-Sided Color Book Snowflakes

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12-Sided Color Book Dodecagon Snowflakes

12 sides Snowflake
dodecagon Snowflake

Twelve sided dodecagon ice crystals appear in a 12-sided two-dimensional polygon shape. A regular dodecagon has 12 sides that are all the exact same length and internal angles that are 150 degrees each.

How do 12-sided snowflakes form? Dodecagon shaped, or twelve sided snow crystals occasionally develop in nature or in the laboratory. 12-Sided snowflakes begin when capped 6-sided ice crystal columns twist 30-degrees. Each end-plate begins as a hexagonal six-branched crystal, but when one cap rotates 30 degrees opposite to the other they form a crystal twinning. These two attached 6-branch crystals continue to grow or expand while joined together to form the 12 branch shape. The Science of snow and ice crystal formation.

12-Sided Coloring Book Patterns

Use your imagination to create unique 12 sided designs of your own with templates. Possible applications for ornate decorations include table setting under the flower vase, dining plate or drinking glass mats. Affix to windows for the world to see.

These twelve sided snow flake color book patterns are derived from the snowflakes listed in the fold and cut section of the navigation menu.

capped column crystal twinning crystals
Hexagonal Capped Column. Each side of the hexagon polygon cap will grow into a 6 branched snowflake Twinning 6 Branch Crystals. Twelve sided crystals form when the capped ends twist 30% opposite each other