Hexagonal Shape Color Book Snowflakes

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Six-Sided Color Book Snowflakes

Six-Sided Color Book Snowflakes

Color book snowflakes are perfect for great snowflake fun for young and old alike, and those who are unable to use scissors or handle sharp instruments necessary to cut snowflakes.

Print a snowflake blizzard with these snowflake designs on regular or colored paper and color with crayons or markers or trace the designs onto aluminum foil, foam sheets or colorful gift wrap to create unique and colorful Christmas and winter holiday decorations.

Outlined, finished snowflake shapes for children can also be used as patterns for crochet, embroidery, latch-hook rugs, wood work, stencil and other personal art projects.

Trace the snowflake designs onto rug canvases to make snowflake latch hook rugs. Hang snowflake designs anywhere and everywhere for the holiday season.

6-Sided Color Book Snowflake ornaments