Snow Flake Spinning Tops

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Spinning Top Color Book Printables

spinning top CD'sMost of us have selections of old, obsolete CD's or DVD disks that sit around unused and unwanted. Put some to good re-cycle use by creating spinning tops with these snowflake printable patterns. Each pattern should print to CD size but depending upon your printer the images may need to be resized. to fit. Save to your PC and pre-color or print to color these snowflake images onto self-adhesive CD labels. Affix the snowflake labels to old, obsolete or junk mail CD's and DVD's.

Glue a marble to the center hole of the underside of the CD and glue a plastic bottle top or an inverted clean, small, empty prescription bottle to the top (over the marble). You might also try wine bottle corks or sewing thread spools. Allow the glue to dry, then give your new top a spin.

The more colorful you make the snowflake label the cooler the results will be when the top is spinning. Experiment with creating swirl designs and other colorful line and dot effects.

Make Your Own Snowflake Spinning Top
With Simple Household Items