Snowflakes and USA State Flags

patrioflake usa Patriotic Snowflakes and Flags

State Flag patirioflakes are Patriotic images of United States flags combined with merry-go-round snowflake children superimposed over the flag details.

I >illustrated these patrio flakes over a two year period of time that began around the time of 9/11 and the war with Afghanistan.

it was a pretty interesting endeavor and I learned a lot about state and country flags. Making these helped me memorize state and world flags, something I had never really bothered to learn about before, even when I was a kid in school.

Free printable color book pages for preschool children. Great resource for patriotic events such as 4th of July celebration, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and more.

USA Snowflake Color Book Images

I think patriot flags can be a good tool for teaching civic values. Each merry go round flag contains the main logo or details of the designs for each state flag. Give the children access to view the actual state flags then decorate these patriotic flags. At one point I thought they would be good images to color then apply to frisbies to toss around at 4th of July holiday picnics. They certainly would be good conversation pieces.

These images below are the result of people requesting that I include their state's flag into the collection. Eventually people stopped requesting so this project is a bit unfinished with a few states missing yet. Teach children the concepts of pride and patriotism with ptrstates color book images.