Avalanches, Blizzards and Snowstorms - the Dangers of Snow


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snowman at cabinsnowfall1200Why Learn About Dangerous Snow Conditions

Snowstorms develop when warm, moist air collides with cold air. Blizzards are heavy falling snow storms that come with high winds that blow the snow so hard sometimes you can't see anything around you.

Avalanche size can range from very small and harmless to so large they could bury people, break trees and buildings, or knock over automobiles and railroad train cars!

Another reason to find out about snow crystal type is because very heavy snow can cause roofs of houses and buildings to cave in, make tree limbs snap and break power lines.

Why care about different types of snowflakes and ice crystals?

Avalanches happen when snow pack suddenly gives way and snow slides down a mountain, incline or across a road or highway.

Here is a good link that explains about the Types of Spring and Summer Avalanches

They also issue warnings to mountain hikers and skiers to potentially dangerous snow conditions.

Check these pictures of a few avalanche disasters and close calls:

Avalanches Happen

Avalanche Centers

Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center

Blizzards and Snowstorms

Blizzards are very dangerous snow conditions for people driving cars or trucks or flying in airplanes.

The best place to be in a blizzard is at home in front of a warm fireplace!


Ski resorts and other winter vacation spots depend upon heavy snowfall and blizzards to keep their ski slopes packed full of good, soft, ski-able snow. When they don't get enough snow, some resorts make their own snow with snow-making machines!


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