Snow Flake Masks

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Snowflake Color Book Masks

snowflake mask half faceThese snow-flake masks are derived from the crystal pattern designs in Paper Snowflakes web site. I thought it would be a fun, educational activity for children to decorate snow flakes masks with cut and paste shapes along with pasting or affixing beads, scraps of fabric, water color paint, colorful glitter, ribbons of various sizes and shapes, yarn, and feathers, just to name a few of the many materials people usually have just lying around the house screaming to be used for a constructive purpose.

Refer to Paper Snowflakes science section to teach about snow crystals and scientific classifications of snow types while having fun. Children can wear the masks and make them come to life with winter weather stories and tall tales or songs about snow. Create costumes for child oriented plays, Christmas caroling and pageants for winter school holiday parties and thematic events.

Snow crystals appear white in natural conditions, but these wacky snowflake masks can be striped, polka dotted, paisley or have any other combination of colors. You can make a snowflake pizza or brilliant crystal rainbow and Mother nature will make nary a peep of protest.