Simple Snowflake Template Child Craft Patterns

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two sided beginner flakes

Easy Two Sided Child Craft Activity Stencils

Use these completed drawings as patterns for creating unique wooden snowflake ornaments, foam snowflakes, crochet snowflakes, embroidered snowflakes, latch hook rugs and other snowflake needlework projects.

In nature two-sided snowflake are hexagonal prisms, columns or needle shapes probably too tiny to view with the naked eye. Some of papersnowflakes.com's two sided snow crystal patterns were designed from photographs of various interesting looking crystals. View photographs of actual 2 sided snowflakes in high resolution in the snowflake section of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's web site.

Snowflake patterns are paper cut-out shapes which are not only fun to make but useful to help introduce math concepts to children.

2-Sided Kirigami Patterns
Bullet and Needle Crystals

Snowflake stencil paper ornaments can liven up any dull winter day. Bring the blizzard inside with snowflake ornaments and garlands. Decorate the windows, Christmas tree, classroom or office cubicle with paper snowflakes.

Print all patterns on regular or colored paper. Trace the patterns onto foam sheets and aluminum foil to create unique designs.

Stencil, finished snowflake shapes for children can also be used as patterns for crochet, embroidery, latch-hook rugs, wood work, stencil and other personal art projects.

Easy 2 Sided basic snowflake designs for:

  • Beginners
  • Preschool Children
  • People with Special Needs
  • Day care centers
  • Elder care centers
  • Hospital pediatrics
  • Teachers
  • Parents...

Here is a close-up set of photographs showing a two-sided sided snowflake just like one of ours here on this page. Can you find it? (hint photo #565)

This set of photographs shows both types of two-sided Needles and Columns.

2-Sided Coloring Snowflakes

Beginner Stencil Snowflakes