Square Shape Snow Flower Templates

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Scissorcraft offers low cost, Ad-free subscriptions.   Only $15.00 per year for thousands of quality, personally illustrated, educational graphics for children of any age or skill level.
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four sided holiday doilies

Easy Four Sided Doily Templates

Snowflake stencil patterns are identical to the color book outlines but with all lines removed and replaced with color. A fun way to introduce symmetrical math concepts to children.

Snowflake stencils can liven up a room, give furniture a fresh appearance and windows painted with spray-on snow shapes can brighten any dull winter day. Bring the blizzard inside with snowflake ornaments and garlands. Decorate the windows, Christmas tree, classroom or office cubicle with paper snowflakes.

Types of Stencilling

The art of stenciling is over 35,000 years old. Pre-historic people would make art on rock walls by holding their hands and blowing mouthfuls of pigment over their hands to leave a hand print stencil.

Finished or stencil snowflake shapes can be used for art projects such as crochet, embroidery, latch-hook rugs, wood work as well as paint stenciling. You can locate Fold and Cut versions in the folding section.

Print these completed snowflake stencils for classroom or personal art projects.

Styles in the 4 sided category include: (and more...)


Various Types of Stencils

  • Graffiti - artists use stencils to spray paint graffiti easily and quickly
  • Military - uses stencils to mark helmets and vehicles equipment
  • Printing - silk screen textile printing, greeting cards, posters
  • Utility - street sign messages, STOP signs, directional arrows

Other uses for snowflake stencils:

  • Spray Snowflake Window prints
  • Wooden ornaments
  • Foam baubles
  • Crochet doilies
  • Embroidered gifts
  • Latch hook rugs
  • Needlepoint tapestries

Print all patterns on regular or colored paper. Trace the patterns onto foam sheets and aluminum foil to create unique designs.

Stencil snowflakes are perfect for very young children and those who cannot use scissors but want to enjoy creating beautiful snowflake ornaments for the holidays.

Stencil pattern styles available for 2, 3, 4 and 6 sided snowflakes. Styles include:

2 Sided stencil
2 Sided
3 Sided stencil
3 Sided
4 Sided stencil
4 Sided
6 Sided stencil
6 Sided
By Mariano - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=265811