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Scissorcraft Survives Through Kindness of Strangers

Scissorcraft survives solely through the kindness of strangers.  These days Scissorcraft is relatively invisible from the Internet. 

As of 5/3/2018 all current and future paid Scissorcraft subscribers are lifetime, never-expiring, subscriptions.


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Scissorcraft pages are safe for classroom overhead display and in teaching situations.

Plus you can talk to me.

I am not a machine. I am here and answer every single email inquiry.

If you are a previous non-paid member simply log back on with your existing ID, pay the low fee and enjoy the best the Internet has to offer ... in my humble opinion, with no expiration.

As the e-world grows, traffic evolves to the highest bidder.  If it's not an app it does't exist. As apps take over the Internet, like push button cartoon cash registers did to fast food joints, public access to unfiltered (aka un-apped-pc-sanctified) content becomes ever narrower in scope.  Scissorcraft can't possibly compete in this electronic world with electronic apps that play themselves and other distractions that dwarf a users imagination and creativity.  It's just business.

Apparently I am not the preferred market and thankfully so.  It escapes me how children/people in general can expect to develop creativity or imagination while placated by apps and other forms of entertainment without effort? 

These images are primarily for printing on paper and intended for hands-on activities with scissors, paper, pencils, coloring crayons, markets and so on. 

The same logon and pass code to scissorcraft.com gives you access to all seventeen Scissorcraft websites. Scissorcraft sites are all listed in the blue left hand menu links.  Requires PalPal account for processing payment. 

If you have a different form of payment, please contact me via email. I need an excuse to improve this process.